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2018 October 4, 6:30pm

DocuSign, 221 Main St #1500, San Francisco CA 94105


Atherton Public Library

2016 November 1 to November 31

Atherton Public Library 2 Dinkelspiel Station Ln, Atherton


The Dryanski Gallery

2016 September 22 to September 30th

2120 Union Street San Francisco


Scoop it

2016 April 2nd

Scoop it


463 Bryant street

2015 May the 9th

463 Bryant street, San Francisco


French Consulate

November 2014 to January 2015

French Consulate in San Francisco


Visual Tales

2014, September the 13th

Visual Tales, Shared San Francisco


Intero Real Estate

2012 June

377 Santane Row San Jose


Open Studio

2011 October

San Francisco, Heywood Studio


Everybody has something to say

2011 May 20 and 21

4020 20th street San Francisco


Swing in the spring

2011, May the 14th

Fremont Country Club


Open Studio

2010 October

San Francisco, Bayview Opera House


Grain de sel

2009, November 7 and 8

Grain de sel, Sevres, France



2009 June to September

136 Av Emile Zola 75015 Paris France