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dz9, g, 4, hla, h, Vannina – Vannina art


Cum sociis natoque penatibus et magnis
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Paris and San Francisco


Jungle Party




Golden Gate by Night




I am a French artist and a creative person. Born and raised in the south of France, I keep from this Mediterranean background a taste for vivid colors. Playing with the colors and textures of papers is my way to “receive” the world and express myself through a representation I give to see to others.

My work is primarily collage. I really enjoy the mixing of different kind of papers. Collage is a slow pace process. I collect all kind of paper from magazines or from fancier papers (from Japan for example). I cut or tare them into little pieces and add them little by little on the canvas to create a new visual. Colors are for me the foundation to express my sensitivity to the world.

Collage is an endless field of experimentation where I can picture, represent, suggest, render an effect, or to put it in a more simple way, just say something from what I perceive. My collages are for me a result as much as a quest. I try to show my work at least twice a year. I have also been commissioned multiple times. Commissioned works are both challenging and exiting; they allow me to work within a frame and as paradoxical as it seems that increases my creativity. I love it!

Contact me: van@malekzadeh.com

Find me on: LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram